Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday night sing-a-long

Our neighbor has a Master's degree in music performance. She plays the piano beautifully. Last night we all gathered around the Heideman's piano and sang hymns. There were more male voices and they knew their parts so it was awesome. I was holding Tighe, he was tired and a little fussy. The first song we sang was "Praise to the Man". By the end of the song the Spirit was present, I had goosebumps and Tighe squealed with delight. It was the first time he had ever done that. The evening was such a great one. Sadly, Heather is moving so we are losing our piano player. It makes me wish I could play, I would love for moments like those to be a regular occurrence in my life.

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  1. That was so fun!! :) I'm going to miss nights like that at the Heideman's! I'm glad we at least got to be neighbors for a little while. :)