Monday, June 11, 2012

Car Seat

I dread going anywhere without TJ. Two days ago I embarked on a trip that would take me over an hour of driving time. TJ had class, so it was just me and Tighe. Despite being well fed and in a good mood, Tighe cried the whole 30 minutes to our destination. I got him out for a few minutes while we met with a woman to buy a walker. He was completely fine. Then we walked around a farmer's market for a few minutes and he fell asleep. However, as soon as he was back in his car seat he was awake and crying again, a desperate, ugly cry. I was driving on busy city streets that I had never been on before, and felt rather helpless. Unfortunately this is a typical scenario.

What is notable though is the atypical. Every once in a while I am surprised.

It took us two and a half long days of driving to get to St. Louis. We left early in the morning, which meant disturbing Tighe's sleep, and drove as non stop as you can with a month old baby. We were so blessed in that Tighe traveled wonderfully. He slept most of the time, and when he was not sleeping he was mostly content. So, why is he not that way all the time?

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